Breeds of Thoroughbred Tumblers

Breeds of Thoroughbred Tumblers

Have you ever wondered how the colors of your favorite Thoroughbred Tumblers were chosen? What is an Andalusian or Akhal-Teke? In this blog post, we will delve into the fascinating world of horse breeds and how they inspired the unique color palette of our glassware.

What is the connection between horse breeds and glasses?

Horse breeds are known for their diverse strengths, sizes, and notably for their stunning variety of coat colors, ranging from appaloosa to palomino to dapple gray. Each breed has its own distinct color characteristics that make them stand out. Just like horse breeds, our glasses come in a range of colors that are inspired by the natural beauty of these majestic animals. Many of the colors in glass are as brilliant as the colors of a horses coat.

How were the colors of the glasses chosen?

Our design team carefully studied the coat colors of different horse breeds to select the most striking and harmonious shades for our glasses. From the rich mahogany of the Belgian Warmblood to the spots of an Knabstrup, each color was chosen to evoke the spirit and elegance of these magnificent creatures.

What are some examples of horse-inspired colors?

One of our best-selling tumblers is inspired by the golden coat of the Palomino horse, with its warm and inviting hue that complements any home. Another popular choice is our deep black of our Friesian glass, the breed is known for its beauty and power and so is the same for our tumblers.

Whether you prefer the boldness of a black glass or the softness of the Andalusian color way, you can find a color that resonates with your personal style and reflects the beauty of horse breeds.

Why choose glasses inspired by horse breeds?

By choosing glasses inspired by horse breeds, you are not only embracing a unique and timeless aesthetic but also paying homage to the natural world. Each color tells a story of strength, grace, and beauty, just like the horses that inspired them.

Next time you entertain guests to a cocktail party, take a moment to display your connection to the world of horses and that you appreciate the various breeds from around the world.

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