Hello! Welcome!

Hello! Welcome!

Today has been a productive and brilliant day of work and productivity here at Mizar and Alcor! Setting things into motion and working hard to create horse centric design wares. We have the mold to make the consistent shape of glasses, we have the color, and we have the people to work on it. The obvious issue is generating capital to be able to purchase hot shop studio time and start sharing more of that process with y'all. 

Some introductions are necessary, my name is Ali Feeney and I am the owner and fabricator for Mizar & Alcor. I developed this brand to honor the beauty of horses and combine it with my passion for blowing glass. Both riding horses and blowing glass are major components of my life and have shaped me for the better. Growing up I needed horses, not only for my deep passion but also neurologically. Horses have been linked to neurological stimulation and improvement in cognitive thinking. Something that bothers me greatly in the horse world is the seemingly accepted and endorsed abusive behavior amongst trainers, breeders, vets, and riders alike. This company is dedicated to honoring the animal that has given me so much and to ensure that the lives of hundreds of horses across the United States are rescued from terrible conditions. With every purchase of a product on Mizar & Alcor a portion is donated to one of the hand selected horse rescue groups operating in the United States. Some of my favorites include Colby's Crew Rescue and Gentle Barn.

Check out our instagram for updates about what we are up to and we are looking forward to bringing you all more information about what we are working on and the progress we have made! Stay tuned and subscribe to our email newsletter, I promise I won't bombard your inbox.

Something I want to share with everyone are little horse facts at the end of the blog posts as I find horse history fascinating. Let's start at the beginning as we are at our starting line. Horses are gifted with intelligence and are quite bright and remember things for a long period of time. I was re-reading an NPR article from 2017 that discussed the comparison of horses intelligence with other animals. This is a quote from that article:

Science journalist and equestrian Wendy Williams, author of The Horse: The Epic History of Our Noble Companion "This break-through study has been a long time coming."

"For most of the history of horse domestication, we've assumed that communications between humans and horses was unidirectional. Humans order. Horses obey. But in this study, we see that communication could be a two-way street. Horses do try to communicate with humans. Most of us just don't try to learn their language."

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