Founder Ali Feeney on her horseCourtesy of the New York Times

Mizar & Alcor is a homewares business integrating the art of glass and the beauty of horses. Our vision is to utilize technical skills from the traditional process of glass blowing, combining contemporary design inspired by the horse. 

In the beginning months of 2022, Ali Feeney the founder of Mizar & Alcor was blowing glass and thought about appaloosa spots all over the cup. This idea began the development of this brand where we focus on making products that bring the best parts of the barn into your home. The beautiful colors and patterns of horses is unrivaled and it appeared to be a missing in the contemporary design space. Horses have been a major part of Ali's life and was finding a hole where horses used to be, so making horsey products to bring that joy back. Feeney has a passion for glass making and horseback riding and has created this space to share that love with everyone. 

Mizar & Alcor got its name from the stars in the northern hemisphere the twin stars of the Big Dipper. The stars are sometimes referred to "The Horse and The Rider" as Mizar, the brighter star, carries Alcor, the dim star, on its back through the night. There are many constellations and stories that feature horses as their impact on human history is long and admirable.